Rise Above

  • Released: Late May, 2016
  • Format: CD & Digital
  • Label: Vansman Records
  • Produced by: Bill Evans



About Rise Above

“RISE ABOVE” is Bill’s latest and most accessible release to date (2016). On this, his 24th solo offering, Evans explores rich and haunting vocals from special guest singers, including legend Gregg Allman, Warren Haynes, JJ Grey, Anders Osborne, Murali Coryell, and Josh Dion. Says Bill, “This recording has been an epic journey. My vision from the beginning was to record with some of my favorite singers, and work on a different song with each one of them. The goal was to still make a cohesive and solid performance out of all this music. It went far beyond my expectations. Sheer pleasure start to finish!”


RISE ABOVE is tied together with Evans’ pedigree and love of soulful melodies and hard-hitting grooves, as it has been from the very beginning.


In addition to his powerhouse guest vocalists, this recording features:

Guitar: Jake Cinninger (Umphrey’s McGee), Scott Metzger (Joe Russo’s Almost Dead, The Anders Osborne Band), Mike Stern (Miles Davis)

Bass: Dave Anderson

Banjo: Ryan Cavanaugh and Nick Piccininni

Keys: Marco Benevento (Garage A Trois, Joe Russo’s Almsot Dead), Rob Aries, Danny Louis (Gov’t Mule)

Fiddle: Tim Carbone (Railroad Earth)

Drums: Joe Russo (Furthur, Joe Russo’s Almost Dead), Josh Dion

Also featuring Vaneese Thomas singing background vocals and Roger Squitero playing percussion


Rise Above Video #1




Detailed Track Information

1) “RIGHT LADY” 5:13 (Evans/JJ Grey) JJ and Bill spar, jab and move on this track. It’s a crowd favorite at live performances

2) “RISE ABOVE” 7:04 (Evans/Haynes) A rocking melody with lyrics that tell a story everyone can relate too. Lead vocals by Warren Haynes, who also takes a remarkable steel guitar solo. This track was recorded live in studio.

3) “LOVE GAME” 5:20 (Evans/Coryell) A hard rock groove sung by Murali Coryell. Guitar solo by Mike Stern. I have a long and great history with Mike, he and I performed and recorded together with Miles Davis.

4) “LOVE IS WORKING OVER TIME” 3:58 (Evans) This song was written for Gregg Allman, and the lyrics reflect an autobiographical story about Gregg, as sung by Gregg. He sings it with that truly identifiable voice. The narrative at the end of the song was spontaneous and totally unique.

5) “EVERYBODY’S LOOKIN’‘” 7:02 (Evans/Coryell) This song was written during a concert! Murali Coryell added some lyrics and sang the lead; it’s a tune you can’t get out of your head. Sorry about that.

6) “SLOW ROLLIN’ RIDE” 3:37 (Evans/Osborne) Anders is one of my favorite singers and this tune is a soulful story of relationships. The incredible groove comes by way of “The Madness” himself, Joe Russo.

7) “TALES OF A SHINY DEVIL” 6:11 (Evans) Jake Cinninger crushed the guitar solo on this. I’ve used this song many a time this year as an encore.

8) “STRANGE NEIGHBORS” 5:53 (Evans/Dion) Josh Dion sings this haunting rock ballad as only he can do – with soulful depth and grit.

9) “THEM CHANGES” 6:15 (Buddy Miles/Widespread Panic) On this classic tune by Buddy Miles, I incorporated a groove written by the band Widespread Panic to create an intensely infectious groove for Josh Dion to sing over.

10) “EVERY ONCE IN A WHILE” 3:54 (Evans) I sang this story about life’s tensions. During concerts I get a thousand people to sing the hook with me.


Album Cover Art

Bill Evans Rise Above album cover artwork