March 2, 2016

Bill Evans Signature Series Tenor Sax Mouthpiece Update!


Mouthpiece1-DSC01420-EditaIt’s here! You can now purchase the Bill Evans Signature Mouthpiece Limited Edition!

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Can’t wait Bill!
New Year to you and Beck!


Bill you think a soprano will be your next venture


I am SO excited to hopefully be able to own this mouthpiece in the near future! I’ve listened to your music religiously ever since my band teacher introduced me to you over 7 years ago. I am looking to make the next step in my saxophone adventures and I think this mouthpiece is what is going to take me to that next level. THANK YOU!


Really looking forward to your signature piece! Thanks for the great horn!


“The Ferrari of all mouthpieces”

“The Bill Evans mouthpiece Rocks, it simply plays itself.”

“The best mouthpiece I’ve ever played.”

“If you had to compare the Bill Evans mouthpiece to bicycle, his has 21 gears and the rest have 3.”

“A dream to play, like sweet velvet.”


Where can i buy the mp
Greets from Germany


Hey Jürgen! It’s now available for purchase at:

Cheers! :)


This mouthpiece is unique and in a league of it’s own!
I changed my setup about 10 years ago and for all of that time I’ve never really settled on anything because the mouthpiece that I’ve been looking for is now here. Volume and power when you need it and a sweet core to the sound for more sensitive settings. It’s easily the best mouthpiece I’ve ever played and well worth every penny, thanks Bill.


Hey Bill, how many of these will be made?


I’m interested in one of Bills Signature saxophone Mouthpieces. I’m tired of doing for the last 25 years exactly what Bill said in the video. So, are these mouthpieces still available? Please contact me and let me know.

My phone # is (908) 497-1699 Its a NJ number but I currently reside in Azusa, CA. Yeah, got tired of the snow!!!
Thank you.
John Asti


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