May 10, 2016

Coming Soon: The Documentary of Bill Evans’ Russian Tour

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From March 23 to April 10, 2015, Bill Evans Soulgrass went on a 10 city tour of Russia. It finished with a concert at the Moscow Philharmonic, followed by a private concert for dignitaries from both countries at the Spaso House, which is The US ambassador’s residence in Moscow.

This tour was documented by Christoph Felder and on May 20th, 2016, he will launching a Kickstarter campaign to complete the film. We’ll be sure to provide all the details once it starts!

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It was great meeting legendary monster saxophonist Bill Evans last week at Robertos in NYC He’s an open serious cool player – person with great vibe and sense of humor too . .at first I felt imouthpice projection was too free might be too brite. And felt like crap on it
I was wrong ! If I had tried it alone I wouldn’t have bought it .. Bill frowned and said try it like this ! he played the mouthpiece right there for me then encouraged me to play it again with him -to match his sound .. I felt its potential then !
I knew I wanted it but had no clue to its truly enormous potential warm full or with an edge on for fantastic effortless projection. It’s versitality in free blowing is great for any style . Since purchasing it 5 days ago I’ve had a variety of gigs ;a social jazz set .blend in big band Reed section and r&b. it has fantastic ease of flexibility in tradition standards or be – bop and Funk -rock fusion funk articulation is a gas !! From bottom to mid to screeching when needed it requires practically no embouchure adjusting just drop jaw nice and loose get firm air facial muscles and it’s effortlessness is phenomenal ! As a
NYC tri state bdway working gigging all stlyles reeds player …Tenor gigs are my favorite gigs ! Especially when you can really stretch – its a blast ! It’s got sound that’s alive throughout entire range and has inspired me a player to feel free devoping fresh approached to harmonic -technical concepts . It’s a blast to feel so great about playin again with an effortless approach . The best most versitle mouthpiece beyond anything I imagined or Iever bought or tried thinking l can live with this I’ll make it work .Bills hugely involved dedicated efforts in getting this limited balanced stylized specs one of a kind mouthpiece is amazing ! The piece easily responds to any thing I’m working on as a tenor player.. As far as I’m concerned I only need this ; better yet I only want to play this for any situation. it is now my “one and only” mouthpiece on tenor.


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