January 2, 2015

New Bill Evans Soulgrass album, “Live in Moscow”

Here’s an announcement I’m thrilled to make! “Bill Evans Soulgrass – Live in Moscow” is out! Grab it on Amazon or on iTunes now! :)

During the fall of 2013 we performed 14 concerts as part of a U.S. State Dept. tour of Russia. Live performances were recorded at The Tsereteli Gallery of Arts in Moscow, October 29, 2013 and The Spaso House, U.S. Ambassador Residence, in Moscow on November 14, 2013.

This live album is the result of these absolutely fantastic opportunities.

The Russian people were amazing and unforgettable. We are all one people on a very fragile planet we call earth. Let’s work together.

          Bill Evans Soulgrass Live in Moscow cover art

Live In Moscow Track Listing:

1. Free (10:08)
2. Kings and Queens (8:46)
3. I Don’t Know About Love (7:13)
4. Soulgrass (9:40)
5. Madman (8:21)
6. Feel (5:35)
7. Vans Solo (2:54)
8. Bonus Track: Georgia (6:18)

Bill Evans Soulgrass is:

Bill Evans – Saxaphone, keys, vocals
Josh Dion – Drums, lead vocals
Mitch Stein – Guitar, vocals
Ryan Cavanaugh – Banjo
Dave Anderson – Bass

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We saw you this summer at Will’s Mountain Festival PA and are interested in the Live In Moscow CD. Let me know how to purchase. Your concert blew us all away!!! Thanks….Pamela


Hey Bill,

I’m very interested in the Live In Moscow CD. When will it be released?



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