March 28, 2014

Roots Rock Revival 2014

It’s official! I’ve been added to the Roots Rock Revival lineup for 2014. I’ll be participating on panels, Q&A’s, jam sessions (with you!) and teaching a series of master classes that includes:

  • The Language of Improvisation
  • How to Say More on Your Instrument
  • How to Listen
  • Differences and Likenesses of Different Kinds of Music: Jazz, Rock, Blues – Similarities (and how to use them)
  • How to Create Your Own Style: You Have to First Learn How to Play
  • Intro to Understanding Jazz and How to Incorporate it into Rock and Roll (the nuances and the harmonies)
  • Check out this video to get a feel for what this amazing experience is like. See you there!

    Inside Roots Rock Revival from Music Masters Camps on Vimeo.

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    Hi, Bill. Just thought I’d check your upcoming sked right now. Disappointed that there are so few U.S. dates so far. This is also a long-overdue note to tell you that you and your band utterly kicked ass at my hometown festival last Labor Day. Although my life as a TV and radio sportscaster took me to New York many years ago from Detroit I still return for the jazz festival each year. I had a sports program on WJZZ in Detroit for seven years which is how I became familiar with your artistry in the first place. You guys were tremendous and I thought that you personally had a great stage personality. Continued good luck! I’ll try to get to the show in Scranton or the one in Big Indian — uh, just as soon as I Google it to find out where the hell Big Indian, New York is.


    Dear Bill,

    I like your warm sound on the Soprano sax and would like to ask you what a kind of mouthpiece you are playing and wether such a mouthpiece is still available on the market.

    Thanks a lot for your effort and your reply.

    Kind regards


    Hi Heinz :) It’s now available for purchase! Visit for all the info etc.



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