October 25, 2014

Update: The Bill Evans Signature Tenor Sax Mouthpiece

Mouthpiece fans, even though we are still working on it, we are closer than ever to getting the first prototype copy of the “Bill Evans Signature” tenor sax mouthpiece finished. It really plays great, feels and sounds like my mouthpiece. We’ve been working on this for over a year, it’s incredibly exciting. I have never played a mouthpiece that plays as good as mine, EVER, and I’m not going to release one that isn’t exactly like mine; we’re almost there. We are working on the logo, packaging etc. A lot of things go into making a mouthpiece, but let me assure you, the BES (Bill Evans Signature) will blow everything else out of the park. This I know. I’ve tried everything else! :)

To sign up for advance notice and priority purchasing, visit this page.

Bill Evans Signature Series Tenor Sax Mouthpiece

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what was your prototype mouthpiece before -re-working ? I’m reworking an Otto Link Tone Master/ with a “molded baffle” from my Berg Larsen..
I’m a professional Jeweler…Tim


Hi Bill Desmond and I were just catching up with conversation about you at The BLU Restaurant in Bermuda where we met you the night that you were here for dinner I am still interested in one of the Tenors that we spoke about also we are looking at doing a Jazz Dinner Show Next year in April need to talk to you more about it going forward I will talk to you later all the Best and Happy Holidays to you and the Family
Kind Regards,


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