July 13, 2019

Video: Bill Evans & The Spykillers! – Live @ Bucharest Jazz Festival, 07/07/2019

Thank you unnamed YouTube uploader!

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July 8, 2019

Spykillers! Review & Facebook Page

Photo: Opus / Wolf Peter Steinheisser

Some more news on the Spykillers! front – a great review of our recent show in Stuttgart from the Stuttgarter-Zeitung website (English translation below) & a new Facebook Page for the Bill Evans & The Spykillers!

Enthusiasm in the Bix

The Spykillers!, a band around the US saxophonist Bill Evans and the German drummer Wolfgang Haffner, have brought the Festival Jazz Open a first climax. Actually it should be no surprise that the most spectacular concerts of the festival Jazz Open take place at the smallest venue: in the Jazzclub Bix. And yet, it’s amazing how fresh and lively Bill Evans and the Spykillers are blasting fusion jazz out there on Friday in front of a packed house – this evening is already one of the highlights of the Stuttgart concert year. But the cast speaks for it: The US saxophonist Bill Evans (61, Miles Davis and Herbie Hancock,Soulgrass , 25 solo CDs ), not related to the eponymous pianist, is an elegant, sometimes impulsive lyric poet and tells in motives, themes and completely free Soloexkursen of the dramas of life; the German world-class drummer Wolfgang Haffner (53, Peter Herbolzheimer, Chaka Khan, Passport) constantly string together small pieces of art without ever losing sight of the rich groove; and vibrant e-bassist Gary Grainger (64, John Scofield, Dennis Chambers) pumps and slaps and backs up second voices under Evans’s floating narrative. Immense joy of playing But the fourth man turns out to be a surprise bag: Simon Oslender (21), a 21-year old from Aachen, on the Hammond organ. When the usual sauna temperatures in Bix – question to the city: When finally comes the air conditioning? – He never just plays notes, melodies or chords, but lets the clouds of sound blossom and pass great themes while tasting the characteristic gargling and wheezing of his B3. The German-American quartet unfolds immense joy of playing, especially when it becomes particularly complicated in tricky odd rhythms and the musicians make it sound particularly easy. Clever dramatic twists and turns make for a thoroughly tense evening, such as when Evans singing at the grand piano in a husky voice asks: “Where is my soul?” The Americana number is called “Bones from the Ground” and should be included on a soon to be released album. Until then, there is the CD “Live Down Under”, but only exclusively with the artists themselves, who have much to sign after the concert – enthusiastic Stuttgart make a long line in front of the stall.

See ya on the road!

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June 28, 2019

Announcement: Spykillers! Pre-Release

A limited number of pre-release copies of “Spykillers! –  Live Down Under” will be available at our Spykillers! concerts in Europe this July.

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June 27, 2019

PreOrder New Album: The Sun Room | Stream Single “Insomnia”

Stream the first track from The Sun Room – “Insomnia” :

Rarely, but every now and then, like-minded musicians get together to create something that transcends musical boundaries yet can reach a wider audience. To me, the music we created on “The Sun Room” is timeless. I love blues, jazz, soul, funk and this CD has all of it, performed at the highest level. I couldn’t be happier with this recording. The vibe was so great during this recording process that it was just a joy to be a part of. Well done, guys. Let’s do it again!

Pre-order “The Sun Room” here

“The Sun Room” album will be released on July 26th via earMUSIC as a CD Digipak and Digital.


01. Star Time
02. Catch A Ride
03. Big Mama
04. Gold On My Shoulder
05. Pixies
06. Something In The Rose
07. Insomnia
08. Strange Days
09. Bottle Opener

June 1, 2019

Coming Soon!

Bill Evans and Spykillers! Live down under… Recorded live from Birds Basement in Melbourne, AU in October of 2018.

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May 30, 2019

Tour Updates

Happy to be getting back out on the road! From the Made in New York Jazz Festival in June to the Spykillers! with Wolfgang Haffner featuring Simon Oslender and Gary Granger in July. Check out the Tour Dates section for the latest info.

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March 13, 2019

Bill Evans Super Group Headed to Japan!

I am celebrating my 30th anniversary of playing the Blue Note Jazz Clubs in Japan with a group of great friends – The “Bill Evans Super Group with special guest Robben Ford featuring Keith Carlock and James Genus”. We are debuting “The Sun Room with a limited pre-release with a special cover at the Tokyo Blue Note March 24-27 and March 28th at the Blue Note in Nagoya Japan.

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